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[English Post]I know who We are, who You are

Sometimes there´s big Ideas.....

Now I know more about the life what I can imagine years ago.It´s a shame but even now I dont know all what I need or I want.

I know there´s no bad or good people. There´s is only bad moments.
The real friends are always close, tied up by invisible ropes around the world.
Please God keep me poor or I will Die.
Where have you been?

I have had a bad year, the most of you know, of course my year (we are talking about 2004, could be better, I´m alive yet), but I think this year has signed me for the future. Maybe some person is proud to be the person who did it, maybe I agree with you, maybe I will see you in the future, maybe I don´t mind what happens to you, maybe I dont miss you and only want to feel this feeling to some girl who wants to take them,but one thing important is that you were my first girl, and I can´t do anything to avoid it. I want to show you one dialogue in a famous Tv-Show:

Unfortunately, in my case,|there was only one woman for her.
What are you talking about?|One woman.
That's like saying there's only|one flavor of ice cream for you.
Let me tell you something.|There's lots of flavors out there.
Rocky road, and cookie dough,|and bing cherry vanilla.
You can get them with jimmies,|or nuts, or whipped cream.
This is the best thing that|ever happened to you!

Month ago I was Ross, now I am Joey, but I my heart´s deep I don´t want to take you out of my life. See you, really I dont miss you, I miss me before to know you but it´s not your fault, It was only mine.
Of course there was not only bad moments, I you give most of the happy days. Thanks sweetheart.

I know there´s no bad or good people. There´s is only bad moments.

I had a lot of good moments at 2004!!!, What can we say about RUTA BRUGAL 2004??? It was fantastic!!! In non-monetary facts It was the best event in years!! I want to thank you for this good moments, to the girl who cut lemons with me at 3 in the morning (can you remember this?), to the guy who took photos from me dancing with the girls over the bar, to the guy who protects me (twice this year,and I always pay you in alcohol), and to this guys who were all days there, (drinking free but I didn´t pay your drinks).Thanks dudes!

For this moments at the Library, University, working with you hot car parks, in Pub, in United Kingdom.

I only want to mark one thing. The Children was not mine. We were only friends (for two weeks), She was young, and most of you know the history. I repeat I dont have any son, the babe were there before I arrived. It was funny.(Very funny).Yo will not read this.Sorry, in this case it was your fault.

I could soy a long list with names, but you can see I´ve never write any name. You know who of you are my really friends, because I show you.

The real friends are always close, tied up by invisible ropes around the world.

My job is good, really good. (In fact is the best job who I have ever had, and we must be realistic, is even the best job who I can get at this moment and maybe in the future, please God help me to keep it).

During this year I have learned some things. I want some to fight. I dont want to win the Lottery, I only want to have close to me my friends and family.I have started to believe in the people, I´m not inmortal.Our best gifts are our feelings to the people. But I like the money, so I will work hard for get it.

Please God keep me poor or I will Die.

I know you at the end of 2004. Two people.
For the first one:
Once more I show I learn of my mistakes and It was not a mistake with you. Only It was not your shoot. Somebody now is proud of me.We are friends, and what happens betwen you and me was nice. I will help you always you ask me.

The Second one:
Sorry for take photos for your butt and boobs, (Now you know who you are).I´m happy to know you, and you are very special for me.I love the way you have to do and say the things. You are wonderfull.

Where have you been?

Well in big facts, my 2004 was this.

PD: Me ha bajao la Banda Sonora del Equipo A y me he comprao una camiseta de Firefox.
La Semana que viene me hago un tatuaje.

Finished. 01.02.05.
See you.


  • At 1/23/2005 05:01:00 pm, Blogger liloo said…

    Hi Joe, I finally created my own blog...
    I wish you the best for this year we've just begun. Try to be more opthimistic, life is worthing.
    Kisses, Loli.

  • At 6/05/2005 12:29:00 am, Blogger Sara said…

    De lo que se entera una trasteando por los blogs!No sabía que fueras tan filosófico (ni tan profundo)
    Por cierto...¿¿¿te has hecho el tatuaje????


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