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[English Post]Firefox, Take it Dude!!

On 4th November the New Mozilla Firefox was launched.
Maybe before of all you can try to read this text using the New Firefox so:

Get Firefox!

Download it now!! (if you are not using now)

Why is Firefox so good? Firefox is good because:
-Firefox is free, so noobody is getting rich while you are using it (Hi! Mr Gates).
-Firefox is safe, so nobody is spying you while you are e-surfing.
-Firefox is used even by Microsoft (They know too Firefox is better than Internet Explorer).
-Firefox is our project, you can contribute to him, in a lot of webs in Internet.
Firefox is the oficial software of Google
-Firefox has a nice shop
-And more and more and more...

Another example more, nobody in your city is in the street wearing a Internet Explorer´s T-Shirt, but:

Here and Here yu can read more about Firefox.And here you can go to offial Web, Maybe you can buy a nice Cd with Firefox to show to your friends.Here.

How to set Firefox as your default?

And here again we have another list about Firefox.

Of course Firefox is not Perfect so. Support Forum.

Read more about this new:Firefox Browser Takes Market Share From Microsoft's IE.

Firefox System Requirements.

It´s avalaible in all this languages.

You can customize your Firefox with Themes and Extensions. (I use BBCODE EXTENSION very useful for php forums).

So Finally I only can say...for your security.....

Get Firefox!

See you!


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