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[English Post]Hey Guy!! Do you know what CERN is?

Probably you has read "Angel and Demons", the book who Dan Bronw wrote before "Da Vinci Code", maybe you can remember what does CERN mean....but maybe you has not readed the book or you are thinking the book is all a commercial lye. But you must to know CERN is real laboratory in Geneva.

First of all...What does CERN mean? Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire

For example "
World Wide Web" was invented by CERN in the hands of Tim Berners-Lee, so you are now using one of thousand invents created or developed by the Largest Laboratory in the whole World!!! In CERN´s facilities is located the bigest machine in the world called LHC (what means LARGE HADRON COLLIDER). Here you can see a image:

What is a LHC? It´s a
particle accelerator. It´s a tube over eight kilometers in diameter . . . and twenty-seven kilometers long. Inside the tube particles are acelerated against another particles to do expermients. ( It´s like american Movies but there isn´t a a Blondie with Big Boobs, i suposse you know what I mean...)

In this Laboratory are working about 6500 scientist from about 80 countries. It was created at the end of the Second World War.

How is financed the CERN?
The Center is financed by several countries, Germany pays 22% of the budget, France and Italy 17%, United Kingdom 15% and Spain 8%, complete the budget a series of 12 European states with smaller participation to 3%.

The CERN is the only laboratory of the world divided between two countries, France and Switzerland.

I can show you the power of the laboratory, they
has been able to transform lead into gold altering his atoms, it was very expensive but I think they are´nt all day transforming things like this, at least the did not transform gold into lead.

If you want to know more about CERN you can search more by Google and follow the links showed in the text.

Thank you very much for your time mate!!


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